With our own C-Bridge coupled with IPSC2, we can provide connectivity to Motorola, Hytera as well as MMDVM repeaters located in the state of Arkansas. No clutter or congested network here.

Hotspots can also connect and enjoy traffic from Arkansas Talkgroups connected to most major networks.

IPSC Dashboard C-Bridge Call Watch

Though we have the ability to pipe the busy talkgroups, in order to maintain a smooth-stable network, This server remains dedicated to Arkansas.

If you want talk groups like Tac 310 or 3100 we'll connect you to our Ozark server.
# Talk Group Time Slot Description
1 3105 1 Arkansas Statewide
2 31051 1 Arkansas Severe Weather
3 31055 2 North Central Arkansas
4 31058 2 Northwest Arkansas
5 31229 1 ArkLaTex
6 31501 1 Little Rock-Metro
7 8/0 2 "Arkansas Repeater cluster" may be joined by choice
8 9990 2-Group Call Parrot
9 400 1 or 2 Disconnect TG

Options= parameter for MMDVM clients

Sysops of MMDVM clients (repeaters / hotspots) can inform the IPSC2 of their desired static talkgroups, StartReflector and other configurations when logging in using the Options= parameters.
The Options= parameters are transmitted to the IPSC2 each time the MMDVM client logs on.
Appropriate configuration options can be found in every MMDVM software (MMDVM.ini, DMRGateway.ini, DV4mini, PiStar, …).

The Options= parameter line has the following structure:


Meaning of the parameters:

StartRef= 4xxx → desired StartReflector (4000 → no StartReflector)
RelinkTime= Time in minutes after which the StartReflector is connected again (after a manual change of reflector by user)
UserLink= Users are not allowed to switch reflectors (0)
Users are allowed to switch reflectors (1)
CQWW= CQWW Function opt-out / opt-in (0/1)
TS1_1= first statically booked talkgroup in timeslot 1
TS1_2= second statically booked talkgroup in timeslot 1
TS1_9= ninth statically booked talkgroup in timeslot 1
TS2_1= first statically booked talkgroup in timeslot 2
TS2_2= second statically booked talkgroup in timeslot 2
TS2_9= ninth statically booked talkgroup in timeslot 2

Please pay attention to the correct syntax and that between each parameter there must be a semicolon (;), also at the end of the line!
If TSx_x= is not used, please enter “0”: Example: TS2_2=0;

A maximum of 9 static talkgroups in timeslot 1, 9 talkgroups in timeslot 2, and a start reflector can be set at the same time.